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Signs it Might be Time to Leave Your Job

nuary is a time of year where many think about self-improvement and career development as they stop and take stock of their lives and think about the year ahead.  As a long-time career coach, I’ve helped many clients as they consider their options and think about if it is time for them to make a move.  Here are some common signs and reasons I’ve heard from clients over the years:  

New Years Activities that Can Give Your Career a Boost

New Year’s resolutions get a mixed reaction when I discuss them with clients, and I can understand. I’ve had some great wins from seasonal inspiration drawn in years past and I also have had some spectacular flops. Notably, I purchased a nordic track that I was equally happiest the day I purchased it and the day I sold it. But every time, I got a boost to whatever I was working toward – and that incremental improvement over time can add up to quite a lot. So no matter if your goals are small or grand, I applaud you for every resolution you are planning this year.

Permission to Improve

As I looked at the plants I planted yesterday, I frowned.  I had picked my placement of the plants and checked them carefully, two times, before planting. However, I was slightly unsatisfied and felt it could look better, a feeling which only continued today.  As I looked over the plants before watering, I remembered I had the power to edit.  

Valuable, Free Job Search Tools and Resources

Need help with your career but you have no budget to work with a Career Coach and Resume Writer like me? Here are some great resources that can help you at every step of your job search, including ones I use with my own clients. Transportation: Lyft has a program to provide free rides to […]


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