Valuable, Free Job Search Tools and Resources

Need help with your career but you have no budget to work with a Career Coach and Resume Writer like me? Here are some great resources that can help you at every step of your job search, including ones I use with my own clients.

Transportation: Lyft has a program to provide free rides to interviews and also to your new job for up to three weeks!

Interview Practice: Did you know LinkedIn quietly launched an Interview practice tool in April of 2020? Check it out and get AI feedback on your interview practice videos or send practice questions to your mentors and trusted colleagues for their feedback. I’ve tried it and thought it was a fun tool to add into the mix and a great way to start practicing.

Job Search Info: is probably the best repository of online job search articles that are rock-solid and truly helpful. The website was founded by a person who was left out in the cold during a reorg and subsequently run by a person who was laid off twice and made it her mission to help others suffering with the loss of a job. Don’t let the no-frills design fool you, it’s the one of the job search “how-to” resources online that I always feel comfortable sending clients and friends to for more information on job seeking. Check out their free guides: and stellar interview preparation information:

One-Stop: The Career One-Stop by the Department of Labor has resources to help explore careers, take assessments, find training, and connect to local help.

Career Exploration: These tools by the Department of Labor also shouldn’t be overlooked. At, you can browse careers, take the free O*Net Interest Profiler, or use tools designed to help veterans transitioning out of the military.

Books: If you don’t have an unlimited book budget (doesn’t that sound dreamy?) get this great extension that easily checks your local library for books and ebooks straight from sites like Amazon and Goodreads: I’ll recommend books periodically (pardon the pun), so follow me for regular recommendations of great reads to boost your career.

Clothes for interviews and work: Women – Dress for Success:, Men – Career Gear:, Women & Men:

Entrepreneurship: Thinking of starting your own business? This is a resource that can help every step of the way. The Small Business Administration has tools that can help you plan, launch, manage, and grow your own business:

Free Classes: Consider taking a free class to develop your skills and demonstrate a commitment to your professional development.
Here’s a list of free MOOCS (through Coursera – here are other MOOK providers):

Want a couple of great examples?
Take a course in Career Self-Management from The State University of New York (SUNY), Empire State College.

Explore Strategic Leadership and Management from the University of Illinois:

What did I miss? What are your favorite free job seeking and career development resources?

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