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I’ve worked with people that are retired, individuals with chronic illnesses, caregivers, and folks that just want to get out of the rat race of a daily commute. It can be tough to find work that can meet the demands of real life, especially when your life becomes complicated by demands outside of work.

Whether you want to find a temporary position during the holidays or a job that lets you work from home, many employers are offering roles with a little more flexibility. Below, are a few companies and resources to get you started as you begin to search for a job that matches your needs and your life.

Now hiring!

  • Williams and Sonoma: Williams and Sonoma is hiring from home in North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Nevada (Reno), Utah (Salt Lake City and St. George), Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio (Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Akron).
  • Amazon: According to a recent press release (Oct 12, 2017), Amazon Is hiring more than 120,000 seasonal employees for the upcoming holiday season in 33 states. “We prepare year-round for the holidays and we’re excited to hire for over 120,000 positions this season to help delight our customers,” said Dave Clark, Amazon Senior Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment. “We look forward to welcoming back holiday employees who return year-after-year to Amazon and welcome new faces to the team, many of whom will continue on with regular, full-time roles with the company after the holidays.”
  • Nordstrom: Nordstrom has a number of Seasonal Customer Care Specialist roles both in-office and Work at Home (Listed as Work @ Home) on their site as well as a number of other types of seasonal roles such as a Seasonal Online Beauty Stylist or A Seasonal Communications Operator.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s is still hiring seasonal employees at retail stores, in food services, and in distribution.
  • Various Employers – Telecommuting, Part-time, Freelance: Are you looking for a flexible role that isn’t necessarily seasonal? Check out With a dazzling array of companies and positions – you’ll have a great time exploring what is available. It’s a real eye-opener to see what is possible and the site weeds out a lot of the junk you can find on other sites. This is a great place to start if you are just starting to think about telecommuting.

Further considerations:

  • Research: Start researching companies in your current industry or ones that hire many people in your field. See if any of the companies that are on your target list offer flexible work options, such as telecommuting. You’d be amazed at what types of roles are being offered as remote work these days. Some companies, like these, have extensive flex options and highlight them on their careers pages: AetnaAccentureDell.
  • Consider Consulting:  Some companies aren’t large enough to have full-time employees in specific roles and will instead hire a professional on a contract or freelance basis to complete the work. If you are just getting started, reach out to a fellow-consultant in your field to learn the ropes and also seek out consulting companies with your specialization. Areas can include Human Resources, IT, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and many others.
  • Staffing and Temp Agencies:  If you haven’t worked with an agency before, you might forget to check in with them now, but the right one can be a great help. Some, like Creative Circle, specialize in creative work, including copywriting and other types of roles that are well-suited for remote jobs.

While this might not be a complete list of seasonal, part-time, and work from home opportunities, hopefully, it has given you a few new ideas or a place to start.

*I have no connection or arrangement to benefit from any organization listed in this post.

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